How Cybercrime has impacted the world

We are being controlled by information, directed by technology and now we idolize Information Technology. These days where life, action, and possibly reaction rely on the technology built by few persons which are now all connected to the internet. A world where a simple click from the internet can interact with Internet-connected devices, thereby making it possible to control such devices.
The need for more devices to be connected to the internet brought about the internet of things technology. With this technology, devices can be connected to one network known as the Internet. Unfortunately, one disadvantage of the internet is that it has induced a new form of crime known as Cybercrime.
Cybercrime as a criminal activity that occurs using a computer has the pros that come with it. Since it should not be encouraged, there is every certainty that it is now a fate in this time and age of the world system; and as such, we should stylishly accept its position in the society to be able to manage and ultimately control its presence.
Cybercrime came with its built-in advantage that should be maximized and its disadvantage that can be minimized thereby making the society to be in charge and control of this unfortunate growing criminal activity in the world.
However, today we want to look at how jobs are being created as a result of cybercrime, why organizations should improve employees’ benefit, and why people desire cyber knowledge, all for the sake of using cybercrime to our advantage and betterment of the world.
The rate at which cybercrime has grown has made cybersecurity to become an industry on its own. So far,  it has niche out about 15 career opportunities according to Cyber Degrees. The growth of cybercrime as criminal activity has induced the need for one or more security positions in every company. Just as important as having an accountant who is part of the process that generates data in a company or organization, there is now a need to have a security specialist to secure such data and minimize your risk.
According to Michelle Marriot (2017) Cyber Security Venture predicts that there will be over 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021. There is every possibility that this prediction will be more because we have more potential cybercriminals than potential cyber defenders.
Also, another possible impact is the need for improved welfare. This will be an advantage that will benefit developing countries or organizations that have low welfare packages for its staffs. Some employers just overlook the need for at least a comfortable welfare for their employees. There is an attack where an insider (employee) partners with a cybercriminal (black hat) to attack the employer’s asset. In some cases, the insider may not need to partner with anybody to carry out his/her intention; for whatsoever benefits it may bring to him or her. In most cases, it is for financial benefits. Insider’s attack is very dangerous, hard to detect & mitigate and very costly according to Ekran System (2016), 4 facts about cybercrime (Cyber Crime Statistic 2018)
The possibility of such form of attack can be minimized with a comfortable welfare package for the employees and it can serve as a defense on employers’ infrastructure because a good and better welfare package tends to make your employee a defender and not an attacker or partner in crime against the employer; thereby minimizing risk.
This may be considered as an advantage to the employee, and the employer should motivate their workers with better welfare, however, this does not mean that employees should threaten their employers with this form of attack but can legally advocate for better welfare.
There is a popular adage where I come from that says “No knowledge is a waste”. The growth of cybercrime has induced the desire to be knowledgeable and vigilant in the area of cybersecurity. This criminal activity is so unique because of its dynamism in the application. The method of attack used yesterday on victims may be completely different from the methods being used today. As a result of this, society desires to constantly stay updated with the latest tricks and forms of attack.  
In the course of my cybersecurity awareness, training, and lectures to corporate organizations, government bodies, and individuals, after my session with them, participants would either want to have private sessions with me or ask questions that are geared towards knowing more, for them to be prepared for or prevent any possible attack.
Cyber Crime is fast becoming a crime every country fights against to keep their Information Technology (IT) industry sanitized. No country can be boastful to be free from Cyber Attacks or Crimes as the case may be. Even with the emergence of Threat Intelligent Technology and Zero-Day Attack Technology in Firewall and other security Appliances, cyber-attacks such as Man in the Middle (MITM), Phishing, Spoofing, Sniffing, Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), Web deface, Password attack, etc are still being carried out daily but when new persons venture into the cybersecurity industry for knowledge or as cyber defenders, it will reduce the activity of cybercrime to the barest minimum, which is the cry of every victim.
I have no contrary view but to agree with Warren Buffet on his saying, which makes cybercrime to be the number one problem of the world and a bigger threat compared to a nuclear weapon.