Robotic Industry: The Spawn of Robotic Machines

For the past few weeks, our discussion has been centered on Robotics. We started with how humans will soon begin to live with robotic machines, then we looked at the dangers of living with a robotic machine. As promised for this week, we will take a look at the benefits associated with the adoption of robotic machines and how positive it will influence our ways of life.
Everything in life comes with two sides, there is a positive side and there is a negative side. Our discussion on Robotic Machines has been one-sided, now let’s flip the coin and see what happens on the other side.
Safety is the first reward that is coming with robotics. In fact, it will be the major reason that will influence its adoption in most countries. Many countries will prefer to have a machine in life strengthening jobs than having a human risk their lives. Beyond keeping humans safe, robots will help countries with wars, robots will take charge of the bomb squads, ensuring that humans are not exposed to jobs that will cost them their lives. Robots will only focus on what they are programmed to focus on without any form of distraction, or emotion sentiment. Compare to human’s nature that can be distracted by issues such as a family situation or accidental circumstances, robots do not have family, and they may not have feelings. Also, looking at statistical analysis, unlike humans that are limited in knowledge and accuracy, robots will have direct access to the internet and they can be able to scan every aspect of the internet to retrieve information and they have the computational ability to analyze the information and base on which they will take a decision that may be correct and best for a situation. An example is a Military Robot that finds itself in the midst of nowhere during a war. Now because the robot has a direct connection to the internet, the robot automatically uses its inbuilt GPS to navigate itself back to its swarm. Also, robots are built mainly with steel and iron and this gives them the ability to withstand lightweight gunshot, relocate heavyweight objects that may stand as obstacles in the cause of them performing their functions. That said, even humans will prefer to use robots as their bodyguard than humans because of the guarantee in security.
Robotic Business is another benefit that comes with the robot machines. There is the aspect of robot creation that covers the manufacturing and maintenance business of robotic machines, then there is a business service area that covers the end function business of a robotic machine. The robotic manufacturing industry will bring about the creation of all kinds and types of robots which are not limited to Service or Military humanoid Robots. This is the business that will handle all aspects of robot creation. The Robot manufacturing industry will be similar to the automobile industry. The industry may combine the capability of the automobile industry, software development industry and cybersecurity industry to be able to function as a comprehensive robot manufacturing industry. Although the business of robot manufacturing will be capital intensive, notwithstanding, it will be a worthy investment as the world scouts for robotic manufacturers at this time.
Beyond the manufacturing of robots, just like cars and planes, robots will also require maintenance. This is also another business area in the robotic industry. The programs running on robots will need to be updated, some part of the robot may need replacement, and vulnerabilities in the robot will need patching, all these forms the function of a robot maintenance company.
Outside the manufacturing and maintenance of robotic machines, another business aspect of robotics is the buying and selling of robotic spare parts. As we all know, spare part business is a major type of business in this part of the world, the reason being that it is majorly imported. Automobile spare part business owners may consider expanding their business services to the robotic spare part when the time comes.
Finally the last but not the least business area for the robotic industry is the robot service area. This business area enables license individuals, business companies, or business investors to buy a specific kind of robot and offer the services of the robot to end-user. An example is a car wash robot whose function is specifically to wash cars. Business investors can buy this type of robot and car owners can request for the service of the robot which is aimed at washing their cars. Another example is a chef humanoid robot that knows how to cook all kinds of meals. People can begin to request the chef robot service instead of them going to a restaurant, the chef robot will come to their homes to prepare their meals.
As interesting as this sound, the cost of acquiring a robot will make it difficult for any kind of person to be involved in the business. Notwithstanding, the cost of acquiring a robot does not take away the fact that the robotic industry will come will a whole lot of business opportunities for those with foresight and as a nation, it is best we plan on the best way to leverage the opportunities that this industry will come with.